Hello little monsters! Welcome to Pinkie’s Pokémon.
I am your host Pinkie Cherryblossom! Happy to have you here!
The purpose of this page is to introduce you to myself, tell you what this blog is all about and to establish the rules in my queendom! Though I prefer to be called princess! Queen makes me feel old!

NB, this site is optimised for PC viewing, mobile devices have issues…its a wordpress thing. Never could find a theme that did it right.

About Pinkie

Let’s begin with the mandatory self introduction. I am a 32 year old woman who is passionate about Pokémon. I hatched in the Netherlands, raised there as well. Meaning I am a non-native english speaker so bear with me! The name Pinkie Cherryblossom of course is not my real name, unfortunately my parents weren’t that creative. Pinkie is derived from my love of everything pink, which you may have noticed already looking at my site. Being plagued with a weak physique I spent a lot of time in the hospital, you can be quite anonymous there. Just a number passing by, hopping from one ward to another. However in the hospitals I got nicknamed Pinkie, for always wearing pink. Suddenly I was not a nobody anymore. Hence the first part of my handle. Cherryblossom was chosen because the professor’s in the Pokémon series have always had surnames based on trees. There aren’t really any pink trees so I had to get a bit creative. Pinkie Sakura would not have worked because every time I sign off with P.S people kinda expect there to be more. Poor Patrick Stewart! Back to me though! Being of fragile health, I sought to convey my passion and my love off something amazing as well as getting a creative outlet. 
I started blogging about anime a few years ago, in dutch. Though corporate meany-heads eventually stole it away from me, I found friends for life  a community and love. It let me become a fuller and better person. Years later I decided to pick up my hobby again and started this blog! Being more of a storyteller and less of an analyst I decided to pick a more defined subject then just ‘anime’ so I could frame my stories and convey my love for a franchise I deeply adore and want to see thrive in the years to come.
Pinkie also likes red wine and is a big fan of plushies and ducks. Dungeon Master, of several campaigns and avid unicorn collector. Not a big music person, I’d rather watch an anime than listen to a bunch of songs. Into board games and one of the biggest panda’s you have ever seen. I dislike ice cream, Fortnite and geese! There you go, now you know!

About the blog

Pinkie’s Pokémon is not a site to discuss the most competitive VGC sets or to discuss which pokémon should be in the OU tier and which in Ubers. It’s also not a neutral news side which steals articles from Kotaku or dumps facts you can read on any official blog.  This blog’s main reason for existing is to entertain people.  For some articles I will interpret research in different ways then others. Pinkie’s Pokemon is here to entertain. I have made peace with the fact that someone always will be more knowledgeable  or do not use the anime for lore reference as it’s a different product. Though for entertainment’s sake I will sometimes claim something factually..like Bulbasaur is the best starter, in truth is these are all my opinions, my voice and my interpretations. I do not wish to force my opinion onto you unlike many youtubers we see these days. This blog is written with the intent so that my passion and love for the franchise, as well as my opinion on these things can help you relate to a different mindset and inspire you to form your own opinion. Do not hate because I hate, do not love because I love. Follow me because I entertain you, not because you need an opinion to copy! In the words of the wise Jason Paige. You teach me and I’ll teach you POOOOO KEEEE MOOOOON. That is what I am all about! Sharing content, sharing thoughts and sharing love. I share my own imaginations with you, from fanfiction to theories. From trivia about pokémon to actual news. With my own added opinion and flavor.
Well when I say, I really mean we! I have a bit of a personality complex… let’s introduce these.

‘Hello everyone, how wonderful to meet you all, my name is professor Cherryblossom, but you may call me Professor Pinkie. When you see me or my column Professor Pinkie’s Pokémon, you know we will be highlighting a Pokémon that day. My signature Pokémon is Science the Swirlix, you’ll be mostly seeing me on mondays! But whenever we need to analyse a particular pocket  monster sharply on another day me and Science will be there. If I only wasn’t so forgetful.. what was the name of my grandson again?! I dont have one?! Oh right!’

Tsk stop messing around old-timer you are making us look bad. Greetings inferiors! My name is Princess Pinkie of house Cherryblossom. Me and my court jester shiny aipom Iamwright host Princess Pinkie’s Picks. With my superior intellect and divine taste I am the perfect girl to put together top fives , tierlist and tell you all about our likes and dislikes.  Whenever this princess states her opinion you better pay attention! Eventually people will see how right I am! Am I right, Iamwright? Ah yes thought so. I’m scheduled to appear on tuesdays, but that won’t stop me from showing up whenever a strong opinion is needed.

Well guess I have the honour of being the regular Pinkie. Pinkie’s pencraft is all about Pokémon fanfiction. These can be What If stories or stories I completely came up with.
I also like to write fairy tale spoofs featuring pokemon in the lead rolls. My partner Pokémon is Sylveon, like me it’s filled with love. I named it Ai! The shiny ducklett is my friend Egg! Expect to see my work on wednesdays and fridays but I might just spin a tale for you on other days as well. For the foreseeable future I will do a what-if on wednesdays and a fairy tale on fridays!

Jolly good! It’s my turn at last Detective Pinkie here! Me and my Ditto named Evidence are on the case! Together we explore the mysteries of the pokémon world. Theories, rumors, hearsay and enigma’s are our forté.  Occasionally I will work alongside the professor to give you deeper insights into some of the deeper elements of the pokémon world as well. I tend to file my reports on thursday but crime and mystery do not wait for any Pinkie! Let’s see if me and Evidence can transform this column in a succes now shall we? Cheerio.

Hey let’s not forget about me!  I might be not be a writer, or a professor , or a dective or even a princess, but I am like imortant too! I may be small but I have like a biiiig collum! Chibi Pinkie Plays! This can be a lot of thingies …like me reviewing like a super cool Pokémon Game…like Sword and Shield… or like uhm,… Pokémon Snap! I love that one!
I also look at toys and plushies and even play the anime sometimes too! So yeah.. I do a lot of stuff like that so there! I am like mattering to! My Mime Jr is named Fun! So even when I am sad I always have Fun! Playtime is usually on saturday but sometimes the other Pinkies let me sneak in another game and i can have even more fun!

This is Pinkie Cherryblossom from Pink-Poké-News reporting in.
This reporter appears on sundays and whenever there is an immediate need for a news update.We will put everything at work to make sure you receive the most biassed news as possible. If you see this reporter her jigglypuff is usually not very far behind, trying to steal my microphone to sing. Scoop the Jigglypuff has once lulled the entire crew of Pinkie’s Pokemon to sleep, it doesn’t really help that in actuality we are but a single person either. Besides the news I will be in charge off social media and recruitment as well!
So with that being said please sign up for this blog! You’d really help us out!
Now onto the rules!

About the Rules

Though I want to welcome everyone and respect everyone’s voice we will have a few rules on this website to ensure everyone can have a great time.
1. No racism, intolerance or grouphate is allowed nor is it ever intended. Any comments of hate towards another user will be immediately removed as soon as I notice. Hate-calling however is also forbidden. ‘OMG you made a char sound like a stereotype’ that’s racist!’. ‘You never use a bisexual character you bigot’!
Stuff like this, you can leave at home as well. My intention is not to harm, exclude or marginalise. I might make fun of something that doesn’t mean it’s hurtful. The world needs to loosen up a little again. We shouldn’t mass hate, but also shouldn’t see hate in every little thing.
2. If you want to play a troll, go play World of Warcraft mon. We Pinkie are crazy enough as is without being driven insane by people who leave weird comments or just try to irk people.
Taunt may be a pokémon move that doesnt mean we trainers have to use it here. Troll comments will be removed or ignored, comments that feed trolls will be removed as well.
Go feed the ducklett.

3.I am very open to collaborations, team ups or even just people who want to help the site grow, you are free to mention you have your own blog in the comments as well but do not post any links or self promote. I’ll happily promote you if I like you.
Just contact me through twitter for help, joining forces or plain advice. Pokémon and Trainer are also a team, they do not take advantage of each other! So our community should act the same.
4.All non-english comments will be removed, even dutch ones, this is an english blog and we do not exclude people by talking in another language. Contact me on twitter if you really need to use another language.
5. Do not try to date Pinkie. I know this speaks for itself but there are always dreamers out there. Pinkie exclusively dates females and isn’t really in the market for one currently.  Fans are nice but when I feel it will be healthier for a fan to let me go, I will ensure that happens. Unfortunate that we have to add a rule like this, but it’s a thing that happens. Let’s keep things at being fans of another!
6. A  rule for all the other rules. Judgment on 1 to 5 will completely be done by myself and my other 5 personalities. If you think your comment was not bannable feel free to post it again, at times I accidentally misclick it can happen.  Does your comment keep disappearing however, it means I dislike said comment and do not want it on my site. I will not discuss why I deleted a comment. ‘You suck’ or ‘Go die in a corner’ will be removed, you claiming it’s a joke will not get them back. You nagging about the fact i deleted your refute will get you banned.

Now these may make me seem mean but I am actually quite tolerant, I won’t be very nitpicky but I very much appreciate a clean working space.
Arigato  (That’s weeaboo for thank you) for  noticing me Senpai (That’s just weeaboo) Now let’s go catch them all! This was Pinkie and remember, I am not weird, just very pink!
Until we read again!